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Reviews for Wild Chiropractic

Jennifer W.

I was a little nervous about my first visit since I had had a bad experience with a chiropractor in Lincoln. The staff and Dr. Wild put me right at ease and explained everything before we started. Everyone was kind. I would recommend Dr. Wild to anyone with back or neck pain.



When my allergies are bad, it affects my sinuses and my throat becomes scratchy and sore. I had taken allergy medicine before. Honestly, within 12 hours of my adjustment, I could breath better and did not feel the constant drainage in my throat or pressure in my head from my sinuses. Going to the chiropractor is the only thing that brings relief.

Dr. Shannon

I am very impressed with Wild Chiropractic and their business model. Their use of technology is amazing. You can set up an appointment via text message or email. The office space is very professional but with a personal touch. There are toys for children and notes of thanks for referrals. This shows that Dr. Wild cares and is thankful for them.



I have been to pain and spine specialists including 12 shots in my back, physical therapy, water therapy and a neurosurgeon with no help. After my first treatment with Dr. Wild, I noticed relief and less pain. Dr. Wild has helped me go from no movement to being able to clean house, cook, sew and most importantly walk. I was thinking I would be in a wheelchair. My future is looking good and bright. Thank you Dr. Wild for helping me to smile and feel confident again.


My 8 1/2 month old was miserable because of teething. She is a good natured, happy baby. She eats, sleeps well and is very content. Unfortunately, the teething process was affecting all of that. She did not want to eat, waking every several hours during the night, and was fussy because of the pain. My baby had so much relief with chiropractic care, I noticed the difference immediately. She got home and played, smiled and giggled. She slept through the night and was back to her happy self. Thank you Dr. Wild.



I have extreme Perthes Disease. I have unreal pain all the time in both hips and left and my back. All the medical doctors wanted to do was surgery or put me on drugs. After Dr. Wild talked to me and listened to what was hurting me he knew what to do. I felt better and the pain was not constant. It is amazing what he does with no pain medicine. His staff is Awesome! They treat you like family and they care!! Dr. Wild is the best and most knowledgeable doctor I have met. He cares.


I had used a chiropractor during my second pregnancy since I was trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and new I had to use one again during my third pregnancy. I had such horrible lower back pain and ligament pain that it was hard for me to keep up with our two children let alone get out of bed in the morning. I would be hunched over with pain for at least 20 minutes every morning. After I started going to see Dr. Wild my pain was much less and I could hop right out of bed in the morning. It was amazing the difference it made. I often times had my two little ones in toe a four year old and a 18 month old both super busy little bodies. The staff there was so amazing never once did I have to worry about by kids. I could relax and get the help I needed. Labor and delivery was the smoothest yet and recovery was fast. Dr. Wild and his staff made sure I was getting the care I needed and it all worked out wonderfully. Thank you for all you do!



Yes, I was very impressed with the whole staff and the complete care I received. I have gone to many chiropractors before and this is the first time I had X-rays prior. Dr. Wild was very good at explaining my X-rays to me and I feel so much better already! I would certainly recommend Dr. Wild to all I know!


Excellent care from Dr. Wild and his staff! My family has enjoyed Wild Chiropractic’s holistic approach for issues ranging from sinus infections to tension headaches, and my children have been patients since birth. I love how flexible their office is to get us in right away if needed, or even postponing our appointment to the next day when schedules don’t work as planned. Highly recommend their care for your family!!



Dr. Wild and his friendly staff have been a source of helpful relief for over 10 years. Dr. Wild has always been willing to answer my numerous questions, offer suggestions on preventative measures in reducing reoccurring pain and encouraging exercises to strengthen problem areas. He and his staff are efficient, pleasant, and knowledgeable about insurance procedures and coverage. One can even expand personal knowledge about the amazing human body simply by watching the screen in the waiting area!


I am so very grateful that I don’t have to think about the wheelchair I was heading for. I have been seeing Dr. Wild since September 2015. His team is an exceptional one and I always look forward to my next visit. Also he has helped me with dizziness and with my allergies. He is the reason I can still work. Thank you very much!!!



Have nothing but good to say about the treatments and care I receive. Always feel great when I leave there. Dr. Wild and his staff always make time to get you in if you have an issue going on. That is what I love about them. Very caring. Would refer my friends to them and I have. How blessed we are to have them in Seward.

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